5 Tips to Select a Reliable Offshore Data Entry Service Provider

The quantity of data expands as business grows and proper management of data is the key to success. Consider this small example to understand the value of data management. Suppose you have an e-commerce website that sells electronics items online. You are in this business for last 5 years. Every year, your sales revenue increased and so did the number of customers. However, do you know what percentage of return customers are responsible for your revenue growth? Unless you have stored the sales reports and customer records of past 5 years, you can never answer this question.

Offshore Data Services

Offshore Data Services

Big companies find it extremely difficult to manage their data. They either don’t have properly trained staff to organize data from various sources or don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for the job. To help such companies, a convenient service has been developed named “data entry.” There are many data entry service providers all over the world, but compared to USA or Europe based companies, Indian companies offer cheaper rates for data entry services. Data entry service can be of various types such as textual, numerical, data conversion, data processing and many more.

If you need data entry services, then you should outsource the job to an Indian data entry firm. However, before you sign the contract with any one of them, pay attention to the following factors.

# Check the company’s reputation: It is important to select a prestigious company for data entry service. Never put too much faith in the content of the “About Us” page of a company. Did you ever find a company that says “we are bad”? You should pay attention to the “testimonials” section and consult your friends to learn the truth. If a company is providing the service for several years and clients are happy with the service, you can trust that firm.

 # Take a look at the past clients: I have told you to read the testimonials, but then testimonials can be fake too. Therefore, you should check the “clients” page to verify the genuineness of these testimonials. If the testimonials page shows a comment from the CEO of XYZ company, then XYZ company should be in the clients list. Otherwise, you have every reason to doubt the offshore company. Besides, client list helps you understand what type of data entry projects they have handled so far.

 # Ask about the security measures: When it comes to data entry work outsourcing, data security is the most important factor. You will share sensitive information to the offshore service provider. If they share the data with any third party, your business can lose its ground. Select a service provider who assures complete data security. Besides the assurance that the data won’t be leaked by the company or any employee, the data transfer method must be secure as well.

# Be sure about accuracy and punctuality: A good data entry company generally employs a team of professionals for maintaining data accuracy. For example, if one team enters the data in Excel sheets, then another team matches the Excel sheet data with the source to make sure that there is no mistake. Talk with the CEO of the offshore company to understand how serious they are about project deadlines. Some companies are so confident, that they offer money return guarantee, in case the project is not delivered on time.

# Compare the rates: When you search for offshore data entry companies based on the aforementioned factors, you may find 4-5 companies that can handle your project comfortably. In that case, the final decision should be taken after comparing the service charges. Ask for a free quote to the short-listed companies and compare the rates provided by them. Select the most affordable service provider to get quality services.

There is just one last suggestion. When you outsource data entry work, you never meet the service provider in person. So, it is wise to sign a written contract for your peace of mind. If anything goes wrong, you can use the contract to sue the data entry firm.